Calcutt Boats

General Booking Information

We do allow pets on our boats, but ask that they are kept off the seats and bedding. One pet can travel for free, for 3 pets (maximum), we charge £30.
Please advise us at the time of booking if you will be bringing your pet.

Bedding is provided for you, free of charge – double and single duvets with covers and sheets as required, with a pillow per berth.
There are extra blankets onboard.
Please advise us what combination of doubles/singles you would like when you book.

Towels are provided for you, free of charge – each berth booked will get a small bath towel and a hand towel, if you require anything different then please bring these with you. All boats have a single bath matt for each shower.

Fuel and gas
Your balance payment will have included a Fuel Deposit of £100, this covers your propulsion & heating. On your return to base the amount of fuel used will be calculated and the difference refunded to you.
If, after an extended cruise, the value of the fuel exceeds that of the Fuel Deposit held, you will be required to make up the additional cost.
Bottled gas for cooking and is included in the hire charge.

Car Parking
While you are away on holiday your car can be left with us in open-air parking. Parking is free, but at your own risk.
The main entrance to our site is locked at night for extra security.

Arrival and return times
All arrivals are welcome at 1.30pm, but no later than 3.30pm. Unfortunately if you arrive later than 3.30pm there may not be enough time left in the working day to complete your tutorial. In certain circumstances, when boats are available early we may contact you to offer an 11.30am arrival.

Online Shopping Delivery
You are more than welcome to have an online grocery delivery to your boat on arrival, but this must be booked by yourselves and co-ordinated with your arrival time. Please include the boat name on your order reference.

Overseas visitors
If you are travelling to us from an airport we would suggest taking a train to either Leamington Spa or Rugby station and then a taxi on to us, this is often the simplest option. The airport’s own website should provide information on train times or you could try .
In addition to the bedding which is already provided overseas visitors may also request towels.

Single handing
There must be at least two adults over the age of 18 in every party unless otherwise agreed at the time of booking.

When you take over your boat we will give you as much tuition as you – and we – feel you need, including practice in going through a lock. Two of you will then be asked to sign an instruction sheet and from here on in you are responsible for the boat.
There is a manual onboard which contains lots of helpful information about your boat, locking, mooring and your safety.

Navigation and routes

Cruising couldn’t be simpler. You don’t even have to worry about “port” and “starboard” – it’s “left” and “right” on the canals! All the routes available to you from our base are detailed for you on the ‘routes’ page. Once you have decided on a route, you might like to buy a map book to help you plan your cruise. We stock Nicholsons and Pearsons Guides. There are also a few apps available for your devices such as Open Canal Map, WaterNav and

Route planning information and downloadable canal guides can be found on the Canal and River Trust website:

The following websites can help you plan a journey: Canal Plan AC or
If we can be of any further help then please call or email.

On the canals you can moor almost anywhere on the towpath side with the following exceptions; Lock Landings, Water Points, in or opposite turning points and marina entrances or anywhere there is a sign stating otherwise. Thought should also be given to mooring too close to bridges and sharp/blind turns.
Sometimes official moorings have bollards or rings that you can tie up to. Our boats are all equipped with mooring hooks, stakes and a mallet, so your options are not limited.

Our boats are licensed for all the canals and waterways maintained by The Canal and River Trust, which includes nearly all the routes open to Calcutt hirers.
However, there are charges for travelling on the rivers Thames, Wey and Warwickshire Avon, these are payable en route.
Please advise us if you intend to navigate any rivers as some will require additional paperwork and an anchor.

Canals mean slow boating. Technically there is a limit of 4mph, but in practice it is rarely possible to achieve even this speed. Normal cruising will cover around 2 or 3 miles in an hour, which is a moderate walking speed. A good way to judge pace is to keep an eye on the boat’s wake. If the wash breaks into a wave the engine is probably running too fast.
Ease off, and the boat may actually travel quicker!