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Buy Canal Boat Gearboxes from Calcutt Boats

Welcome to Calcutt Boats gearbox supply page. We carry a range of gearbox stock, including new, reconditioned and second hand canal boat gearboxes. These gearboxes are available in a range of different output ratios to suit the size of your boat.

PRM Marine Gearboxes

Calcutt Boats are the main distributors for PRM Marine gearboxes throughout the Central and South East Midlands region. PRM Marine manufacture of a superb range of rugged and dependable marine gearboxes.

PRM 90 D2/D2.5 – £709.90
(PRM 90 – Mechanical – up to 35hp)

PRM 125 D2.5/D3 – £881.17
(PRM 125 – Mechanical – up to 50hp)

PRM 150 D1.5/D2/D3 – £1,290.37
(PRM 150 – Hydraulic – up to 50hp)


PRM 280 D2/D3 – £1,887.90
(PRM 280 – Hydraulic – up to 100hp)

PRM 500 D1.5/D2/D2.5/D3 – P.O.A
(PRM 500 – Hydraulic – up to 120hp)

Prices include VAT at 20% and are subject to change without prior notice.