Calcutt Boats

Hull Blacking Form

Please read all of the following details and complete the form at the bottom of this page.

Your bit – preparing your boat for us:

  • Remove planks, poles, brooms, mops etc from the roof and store them in the boat
  • Close all windows and vents, as the cleaning process sprays water and muck around the boat
  • Secure the weed hatch and any other outlet at the stern area, as the slip dolly will pick up the bow first, and the stern can be dipped up to 30cms into the water.  We will run the engine during loading to avoid back flooding the exhaust
  • The boat will angle (front to back) at about 1:12 – enough to displace ornaments.  Please put anything breakable somewhere safe
    Plug or cover any wastes, as the pressure washer could blast into the boat
  • 240v supply will not be available, so remove anything you think could be damaged if you have no power to the boat


Our bit – cleaning and blacking the hull:

  • The hull sides will be jet washed with up to 3000 lbs psi being used, both cold and hot (steam cleaning).  It is usual with flat-bottomed boats not to clean or paint the bottom, as deterioration here is minimal and use of the canal renders painting superfluous
  • Vee bottomed boats, especially those with folded sides, are painted round the chine (fold) to a reasonable distance towards the keel centre line, at an extra cost – please ask for details.
  • Tunnel flashes, particularly those near the water line, can be painted at an extra cost – please ask for details.  This is not fine painting, but workmanlike and tidy; if fine painting is required such as topside painting, we can arrange for a specialist painter to effect the work, at additional cost
  • We clean the hull down further after the jetting with rotary wire brushing, and try to provide a good key for the subsequent painting.  Miogard is used to cover any bare patches.  We reserve the right to make an extra charge should the boat require more than the standard cleaning regime
  • The paint surface will be effective but not smooth, and surface imperfections will remain
  • The bitumen paint we use is compatible with most old existing coatings, but we accept no responsibility for reaction between existing coats, which are often themselves a mixture of paint types.  Gloss vinyl paint will often peel during our steam cleaning process, and further peeling can occur as the bitumen is applied.  Other reactions can lead to a finish that will not dry, sags or bubbles.  We will touch up after curing, but we will not re-coat a boat which has suffered by incompatibility
  • Bow and stern name/pattern areas will be left unpainted by several inches, so that you may cut in to your own taste with your own paint type
  • Epoxy paints (even 2-pack) and vinyl tar can be applied at extra cost – once again we will not accept responsibility for incompatibility
  • Anodes can be fitted to suit the boat size and these are most effective when welded in place.  There is an inherent fire risk and we will conduct a 30-minute fire watch after welding.  The price for this is included in our anode fitting charges.  Internal paintwork disturbed by our welding on of anodes is not covered by our standard charge and should be rectified by the owner
  • Battery master switches will be turned off by operating those near the appropriate label


General information:

Slipping is at our convenience, and a precise time or even day is difficult to promise.

  • You will be allocated a three day Slipway/drawdock Slot when booking to facilitate the painting of the boat hull. Dates are subject to change due to weather and other unforeseen circumstances.
  • If you wish to see the boat out of the water, please let the office know at booking and call before travelling.
  • You will not be allowed on the boat during slipping – but on signing our indemnity form you may, at your own risk, have access to the boat.  We only have a short ladder for our crew movements – we recommend a proper ladder of your own be used if you want multiple entries

If you want to reside on the boat during the work, it is entirely at your own risk in all respects, and services using discharge may not be used on the slipway/drawdock
Our standard terms and conditions apply, available on request

Overriding terms:

In requesting us to paint your hull to our standard service you accept that we will:
Slip the boat
Clean and paint the hull sides from sub-gunwale guard to sacrificial chine (see notes on vee bottomed boats)
Weld on anodes as requested
Paint tunnel flashes in a workmanlike but not fine painting manner, if requested

We will not take responsibility for any defect or deficiency revealed by slipping or our work, whether unnoticed or not – if a survey is to be made and this follows just before or after our slip, we will not charge for a further slip, but reserve the right to charge for an extra day if the survey extends our normal service span.