Calcutt Boats

Unwind on a Canal boat Holiday

A canal holiday is so different. Time is no longer “money”, distances become truly relative and speed – the blight of the motorway culture – is brought back into a perspective which includes the blade of grass, the singing of a blackbird or the smell of new-mown hay. When did you last have the opportunity to slow down, unwind, look around you and listen?


Where can a narrowboat take you?

From our base at Napton Junction, where the Grand Union and Oxford Canals meet, a network of waterways spreads out towards all four points of the compass. It is an ideal starting point for a voyage of true discovery, and one which leaves you spoilt for choice. Visit the ‘Routes’ page for just a few of the possible routes open to you.

Why choose a Calcutt Boat?

We’ve been building, hiring and maintaining our own boats for over 50 years now. Many of our customers return regularly to hire our boats and explore different parts of the waterways – so we must be getting something right! We believe this is because we take every step to ensure our customers comfort and enjoyment of their holiday, as well as maintaining our vessels to a high standard so the fleet meets the demands of today’s most discerning and experienced hirers.

About our boats

Our boats and their interiors have evolved over the years to include such features as flexible berthing; comfortable cabins and doors between them for added privacy. We insist on proper flushing toilets; showers with decent water pressure and constant temperature; and even full size ovens. We also aim to provide comfort in conjunction with easy-care finishings for galley surfaces, varnished oak for side panels, and white ceilings to give a light and airy interior. Extra insulation and comprehensive heating cuts down on condensation and makes our boats good for all-weather cruising. Visit ‘Our Boats’ pages from the menu for details of the range of boats in our fleet.