Calcutt Boats

BMC Marine Rebuilt 1.5 & 1.8 Diesel Narrowboat Engines

Here at Calcutt Boats, we are renowned for our quality rebuilt BMC 1.5 and 1.8 diesel narrowboat engines.

Narrowboat Engine Rebuild Price List

1. Rebuilt BMC “Long Engine”- an un-marinised but running unit £2143.20

2. Strip, Appraise, Clean and Refit of your marinising parts, Respray and test £720.00

3. remove and refit engine from a vessel (only at our base) £720.00

If you choose to have a “long engine” only, then a surcharge will be charged to fit and remove the marinising parts for testing purposes.

Engine Supply Notes

  • Please note that BMC 1.5 litre engines are not available for exchange, but we can rebuild your own unit.
  • Please note that exchange units must be suitable for re-conditioning.
  • All engine prices include VAT at the standard 20%.
  • Engine prices are subject to change without prior notice.

BMC Engines FAQs

We would recommend a 15w40 engine oil.

A Crosslands 357 is the oil filter and a Crosslands 522 is the fuel filter.

A Crosslands 418 is the paper cartridge and the 652 is the spin on oil filter and a Crosslands 522 is the fuel filter.

The standard belts for an average installation for a BMC1.8 is a 10×1238 if you can’t get this size we would normally recommend a 10×1250. For a BMC1.5 is a 10×1050 but if you have an early set up with an original A127 alternator the belt size may go down as small as 10×975.

The standard thermostat is an 82 degree but if you have a calorifier that is heated from the engine then we recommend a 74 degree so the water doesn’t get too hot.