Calcutt Boats

Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience we have listed the most frequently asked questions and answers below…

Mooring FAQs

Our mooring year runs from the 1st of October till the 30th of September.

Unfortunately mooring fees are non-refundable if you are thinking of moving during the year consider paying quarterly then you only have to give full quarters notice to end the contract.

No we don’t we are a leisure mooring only.

Brokerage FAQs

No you don’t need an appointment we are open from 8am – 5pm 7 days a week, but please call ahead to just check nothing has changed with the status of the boat.

Hurricane Heating FAQs

Sounds like a compressor problem, Know as short flame the compressor is not giving enough air pressure to get the flame all the way down the burner tube so heat transfer is poor the compressor will need replacing.

Narrowboat Hire FAQs

We run an any day, any time and any length booking system with a minimum of 2 nights so this means you can start when ever you want for how ever long you want with a minimum of 2 nights.

This depends on the length of boat you hire have a look at our boats page and it will show you the layouts and how many the boats sleep.

We take a £100 fuel deposit when you book, when you arrive your boat has a full tank of diesel after your hire is complete and you return the boat, we top the tank back up to the full mark and then charge for the fuel at a 60/40 split. If you use less than the £100 deposit, you will get some money back if you use more then there will be a charge. All fuel is charged at our current prices see the wharf services page.

Yes bedding is provided you will be asked how many berths you are going to use, and the bedding will be provided accordingly to suit these berths, Towels are also  provided you will get one small bath towel and a hand towel per berth booked, if you require anything different then please bring these with you.

Yes, it has standard UK mains sockets that will provide you with 240v up to 2000w. 

BMC Engines FAQs

We would recommend a 15w40 engine oil.

A Crosslands 357 is the oil filter and a Crosslands 522 is the fuel filter.

A Crosslands 418 is the paper cartridge and the 652 is the spin on oil filter and a Crosslands 522 is the fuel filter.

The standard belts for an average installation for a BMC1.8 is a 10×1238 if you can’t get this size we would normally recommend a 10×1250. For a BMC1.5 is a 10×1050 but if you have an early set up with an original A127 alternator the belt size may go down as small as 10×975.

The standard thermostat is an 82 degree but if you have a calorifier that is heated from the engine then we recommend a 74 degree so the water doesn’t get too hot.

Blacking FAQs

This depends on how long the boat is, what the weather is doing and what coating you decide to have applied. We book the boat in for a whole week for the blacking process, but it normally takes a round 3 day to complete. All bookings need to be flexible as our blacking program is weather dependent.

Wet Dock Hire FAQs

We have a single dock that has 50ft of water covered by a 60ft dock and we have a double dock which is 65ft of water covered by a 70ft dock.

Slipway Service FAQs

Yes you can please call us to see what availability we have.